Can fairy lights be shortened?

I was trying to find multicolor fairy lights with good spacing between them, and I found this strand. The lights are four inches apart, which is perfect. However, the shortest strand is thirty lights and that's way too many for a smaller tree. I wondered if the extra lights could be cut off. I have ordered a multicolored strand to test it out. In the meantime, I found this link on youtube.

A gift for Patty

Patty is a dear friend who has helped take care of my mom for more than a decade. This year, my mom asked Patty if she had any jewelry from her own family that she would like to use on a jewelry Christmas tree. She said she did, so Mom got it from her and sent it to me. We talked about the style of the frame Patty would like, and I found an ornate gold frame for about $10 at a thrift shop.

Thrift Shopping

Last Thursday I went shopping with a friend. We practiced social distancing and followed local guidelines. We stopped at an outdoor church garage sale and found several treasures. After lunch, we went to a large indoor thrift shop in Tulsa called "Just Stuff Plus." If you are interested in making jewelry Christmas trees, this store is perfect for you. I was looking for frames and jewelry.

I found two baskets at the church sale. One I am using for pearls. It was $1. The other I am using for collecting vegetables from the garden. It was $3. 

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